Step into a life you love…the life you were created for.

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“Amy saw a version of me that I hadn’t acknowledged yet, and she offered unfailing support as I pursued that challenging path. She was always there with advice, encouragement, and reminders of why I was going forward.”

Amanda K.

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Coaching With Amy

Amy’s passion in life is helping others dream again and journeying with them as they realize their dreams.  If you feel stuck and know there has to be more to life, Amy can help you step into the life you’ve only been dreaming about.

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Whether teaching about shifting into a positive mindset or how to overcome obstacles in goal setting or preaching about Scripture and becoming more Christ-like, Amy loves to share what she has learned through years of study and life experience. Click here to invite Amy to your next event, conference, or retreat.

Side Hustle With Amy

With today’s ever-shifting economy, many of us need a way to supplement our income.  If you would like to personally work with Amy as you grow your own business, click here for more information.

Illuminate Your Purpose



Sometimes life can seem crazy and overwhelming. Or maybe you’re stuck in the same old routine wondering, “is this all there is to life?”

Join Dr. Amy LP Nussbaum, coach, counselor, and ordained pastor as she sheds light on discovering your passions and purpose so you can craft a life you love…the life you were created for. If you know you were created for more and are ready to dive into what’s next, we’re excited to have you along for the journey!

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As women, we often give our time and energy to everyone else before taking care of ourselves. Renewal is a space to empower women to rediscover and embrace your dreams and passions as we journey towards your potential. Sometimes we need a space to relax, refresh, and Renew!